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An action Cruel Teacher in China

In one photo, an elementary school student in China is seen crying in pain because his ears dijewer. Behind the pupil, a woman teacher allegedly lifted up by the students in both ears tweak it to toe the student did not step on the floor.
Quoted from Dailymail, sadistic photos in educating school children is spreading in China and sparked criticism from various circles. Teachers woman named Yan Yanhoung 20 years old. The pretty young teacher is teaching a number of students in Wenling, Zhejiang Province.
Not only have the photo depicting the atrocities this young teacher. A total of 702 photos!
In one photo looks mouth and hands duct tape and covered students trashed with your head first. In another photo, there is a chief disciple closed bucket. In fact, in the photo looks almost 10 empty beer bottles on the shelf next to school supplies.
Crazed behavior of the teacher revealed when he sent pictures of his actions upon his disciples to a friend. The friend later posted these images to the virtual world.
Instead of feeling guilty, Yanhoung even argue he was having fun with his students when he lifted the child into the air with just a tweak in the ears. "I just wanted to take a picture. After taking the picture, I immediately lose her," he said without feeling guilty.
Local education bureau states have fired the teacher. School had already given a sentence without mentioning a form of punishment because it is cruel to let teachers educate students who are still a child.
This photo became the second Chinese educational scandal after revelations CCTV footage showed another Chinese teacher repeatedly slapped his students.
30-minute CCTV footage shows how the female teachers who remain anonymous, do not just play the hand, but even torturing his students. By way of slapping, kicking even.
From the surveillance footage is known, the individual teacher was even slapped four students as much as 120 times in 30 minutes, if the student fails to answer the question. Terrible scene took place in pre-school educational institutions in Taiyuan, Shanxi province north.
The incident was revealed as the father of a little girl, let's call him Mr. Han, go home and see his daughter's face red and swollen.

Written by : Si Bang Yaan - Describe about you