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10 Unique Facts About Physics

People who think science boring, they are wrong. Here are 10 facts that is why science is not boring even quite unique. According to the author of We Need to Talk About Kevin, Marcus Crown, the following 10 unique facts about physics:

1. If the sun is made of bananas.

Hot sun because extraordinary weight, about billions and billions of tons and make it into the core of the colossal pressure. Pressure raises the temperature of the large. If the sun is made of bananas, it would weigh billions of tons and have the same effect with the sun.

2. All material making the human race could fit in the box of sugar.

99.9999999999999999% atom is empty space. If all the atoms are forced together and eliminate the spaces in between like a box of sugar, then its mass is about 10 times the mass of human life. This is similar happened in neutron stars, supernova relic super-dense mass.

3. Events in the future can influence events in the past.

Strangeness of the quantum world is documented. But it's increasingly bizarre oddities. According to the experimental physicist John Wheeler and other researchers in 2007, the present particle changes the particle can change the past.

4. Most of the universe disappears

There may be more than 100 billion galaxies in the cosmos. Each galaxy has 10 million stars. Our sun has billions and billions of tons of weight. This material is visible matter in the universe.

Another material called 'dark matter'. This material still needs explanation and it seems this is an expansion of the material universe.

5. Object can move faster than light.

The speed of light is constant in a vacuum is 300 thousand km / sec, and the light does not always pass through a vacuum. In water, the photon moves a third of the initial velocity. In nuclear reactors, some particles are forced to move in high speed even faster than light.

6. There is an infinite amount of time writing and reading

According to the current standard model of cosmology, the universe can be calculated amount was boundless as the scum. However, a limited number of possible history for the number of events occurred is also limited.

7. Black holes are not black

The black hole is very dark, but not black. They shine and give a little light spectrum, including the visible light.

8. Fundamental explanation of the universe does not include the past, present or future

According to the theory of relativity, there is no such thing as the present or the future or the past. Time frame is very relative. Our time together because we are moving at the same speed. If we move at different speeds, we will find that we are aging faster.

9. Particles can affect the other side of the universe in an instant

When an electron meets antimatter twin, both will be destroyed in a flash of energy and two photons will fly from the blast.

The twin will start spinning in the opposite direction, and instantly a twin on the other side of the universe also rotates.

10. The faster moving, more severe

If you run fast, your weight will increase. Not permanent, but the moment will add a little weight. According to the theory of relativity, mass and energy are the same. The more energy expended, the heavier mass.

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