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History of Indonesian Rupiah Currency

Ever wondered why the Indonesian currency Rupiah had?
Surely you've implied in your mind about this.
Nahh .. This time let's discuss the review of the origins of dollars which incidentally became the name of the Indonesian currency.

Word "dollars" is derived from the words "rupees", the currency of India. Indonesia has been using the currency of the Dutch Gulden 1610 to 1817. Since 1818, the currency was introduced Gulden Netherlands Indies. Rupiah currency was first introduced officially at the time of Japanese occupation during World War II, under the name Dutch East Indies dollars. After the end of the war, the Bank of Java (Javaans Bank, later to become Bank Indonesia) introduced the Euro currency instead of Java.

 NICA gulden currency created by the Allies and a collection of printed currency guerrilla also apply at that time.

On 8 April 1947, the Governor of Sumatra URIPS issuing rupiah-Money Sumatra Province of Indonesia.

Since 2 November 1949, four years after independence, the Indonesian Rupiah currency set a new nationality. Riau Islands and West Irian rupiah has their own variation, but their use was disbanded in 1964 in 1974 in Riau and West Irian.

  Rupiah is the currency that may be exchanged for free, but traded with the penalty due to the high levels of inflation.

Unit under the rupiah

Rupiah has units under it. In the early days of independence, the rupiah value equated with Dutch guilders, so the units also used smaller prevailing in the colonial period. Here are the units that had been used but is no longer used because of the decline of the rupiah led unit is not worth it important.

* cent, one-hundredth dollars (no coins denominations of one and five cents)
* cepeng, Hepeng, a quarter cents, from feng, used among Chinese
* copper coins, half cents
* lame, one-half cent
* gobang or bump, two and a half cents
* dime / flicker / stuiver (Bld.), five cents (no fractional coins)
* picis, ten cents (no fractional coins)
* strap, a quarter rupiah (25 cents, no fractional coins of 25 and 50 cents)

There is also a unit of money, whose value is rope.

Unit in the rupiah

There are 2 units in the rupiah is now no longer used.
Ringgit, two and a half dollars (no coins ever pieces) ..
Kupang, half ringgit ..

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