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Models Scandal in Automotive Exhibition.

Automotive exhibition event was never out of her. They usually serve as a model to attract visitors. Handsome face with a bandage sexy dress so 'weapon' flagship.

But lately, their presence increasingly beyond the norm manners.
In China for example, where the auto show is often used to draw attention to the car manufacturer to use the services of a woman who posed 'challenging'.

Reported by Jalopnik, Friday, December 28, 2012, China's automotive exhibition looks rather like a vehicle exhibits but 'exhibition chest' and sometimes nearly naked.

As did a model of women employed Kia Motors in Chengdu Motor Show 2012. The girl who appeared with stylish clothes fishing nets are considered immoral and norms of decency.

Media were also criticized China, saying the vehicle manufacturers have been selling 'meat', not machines. In fact, not everyone is happy with the action model known named Yan Yu's.

While many men are flocking to shoot himself with a digital camera, some even claimed to be surprised. Yan Yu own mind had won the Miss Asia Beauty Contest 2011 in China.

No wonder Yan Yu became the target of many vehicle manufacturers as a promotional media at major auto shows.

The case of Yan Yu controversy is not the first. At the 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhebition (April 23-May 2) media also criticized the existence of models dressed far from being polite.

China called Beijing Public Show as "Exhibit chest" than automotive event, the Global Times said.

Of the many models showing sexy curves, the action model named Lulu Gang considered the most sexy. Gang Lulu is popular in China because it can serve as a model for a photo in a daring outfit poses nude.

In addition, the appearance of Li Yingzhi, a model for BMW also drawn criticism because of his chest showed no less bold.

The Chinese government has also stepped in and attempted to forbid the use of exhibitors skimpy dressed women in the automotive exhibition. However, they remain recalcitrant to get profits.

Written by : Si Bang Yaan - Describe about you