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Good ears inside Exploring the Right More Information

If you want someone to do something, say through his right ear. Italian researchers found that people are nicer in reviewing the information, if the request is submitted through the right ear. The research was conducted in three separate trials.

They believe it is caused, because the left side of the brain, which is better in processing requests, receives information from the right ear. The discovery is reported in the online journal Naturwissenschaffen.

In the first study, 286 clubbers were observed while talking dance, while loud music played. Overall 72 percent of interactions occurred on the right side of the hearing.

In the second study, researchers approached 160 clubbers in music, whispering words meaningless and wait for the samples turned his head to the left ear or the right offer. Overall 58% offer right ear to the researcher, and 42% offer left ear.

In the third study, the researchers intentionally spoke to 176 visitors through the music club right ear or left ear when asking for a cigarette. The researchers are talking to the right ear gets more cigarettes than vice versa.

The researchers concluded: "Talking to the right ear, then you send the words to the parts of the brain are somewhat more sensitive. "This conclusion seems consistent with the specialization of the brain hipotes right and left."

Shopie Professor Scott of the Institute of cognitive neural science at University College London, agreed with that conclusion. "Most people process speech and language in the left hemisphere, although not always so, which occurred in the right ear is processed by the left side of the brain.

"The other half of the brain is more involved in activities, such as translating esmosi, and that is why there is such a discovery."

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