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Namdur Females, Birds Most Materialistic

Bowerbird males Namdur or birds, like most of the males of other species, females mate candidates seeking attention by showing off wealth.


For example, he can collect up to 5 thousand fruit shelf, bones, shells, to a variety of man-made objects to build a nest where it will wait for a female who is interested. And like most males in general, males Namdur also boast what they have.

Moreover, males also have to be good Namdur seduce with beratraksi in front of the females with singing and showing off the other. Namdur stud females will then select the most "rich" who has the best nest and interesting and that berbakatlah the right to marry.

Apparently, that's not all. John Endler, an ecologist at the origin of Deakin University, Australia reported Namdur male birds also use jewelry that they collect to create an optical illusion.

As quoted from Discovermagazine, December 25, 2010, the male bird Namdur will organize their trinkets from the largest to the smallest size. They put them together in such a way as to form a road leading to their nest.

Preparation of knick-knacks that make their nest as if to look smaller, while the males looked dashing for the females who look towards the nest.

"Using this trick, the so-called forced perspective, the stud can seduce the females were crossed with their posture as if big high," Endler said.

When objects that are constructed Namdur males were randomized, they then immediately return the structure to its correct position, according to which they had previously made. Because, if not attractive, female Namdur'll just leave that poor nest stud.   

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