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Clockwise Why Move to the Right Direction

In the past hour are luxury items that can only be owned by the people "bear" form was still large. But now the hour has become a must-have equipment, its size also has a lot of evolved. Has it occurred to you, why move clockwise to the right? Overview little things like this does seem trivial, but there is history of why it moves clockwise to the right.

Before clock found some ancient tribes and nations already familiar with the system time in a manner different measurements. Egyptian nation is one nation which at that time was able to observe the time to take advantage of the sun's movement. They set up a monument called obeliks, when the sun moves the shadow of the monument will also move, from where they measure time. Because the sun rises from the east, and Egypt is in the northern hemisphere when the sun moves obeliks shadow of the monument was moved to the right.

That is the reason why finally made ​​moves clockwise to the right, if Egypt is in the south part of the world maybe we will see moves clockwise to the left.

Written by : Si Bang Yaan - Describe about you

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