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Unique ..! Pizza conical

Hmm,, Talking about Italian food definitely in our minds directly imaged pizza and ice cream was delicious. Utilizing this idea, a British businessman and pizza icecream combine into a unique pizza that Kal-coney, Unique Shaped Pizza Cone.

Hofrats dags, 23 years selling pizza shaped like an ice cream cone. Bread pizza is like a cone ice cream cone and it is filled with pizza toppings to order. Kal-coney made ​​in nine flavors including pepperoni, mushrooms or spicy chicken. Unique Pizza is sold for £ 2.70
Hofrats get a distribution license to import ingredients from the UK and Italy, he then teamed up with the university through their catering Encore - part of the Cordia - and sold more than 1,000 cones in just six weeks.

Now they will go into full production in the dining room of the university catering Monday to 16,000 students and 1800 staff on campus.

Dags added: "I always trust my gut feeling and when I asked my friends what they thought of the idea Cone Pizza, they thought it was great.

Written by : Si Bang Yaan - Describe about you