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Lonomia, The Deadly Clown Caterpillars

At a rain forest, in Southern Brazil hemisphere, there is a creature that was dubbed "lazy clown" of the insect world. The form is not great, because he was a caterpillar. However, he is a very deadly caterpillar.


Lonomia name of the caterpillar, complete Lonomia obliqua. He bears the title "lazy clown". Like "The Joker" from the Batman series, there's nothing funny at all about a caterpillar that is related to the title.

Just one touch of your hand against these creatures spiked hair, can cause massive internal bleeding, kidney failure, and hemolysis. In other words, the same as the death touch. Worse, the worm masked capable (camouflage) and easily blend with tree bark.

So, if you are trying to locate him, may not be able to see it clearly. There are several deaths each year caused by Lonomia. Even more amazing, is that the low dose of poison bite Lonomia it, has the effect of poison more deadly than 1000-fold dose of venomous snake bites usual.

In the sunny season, obliqua Lonomia, the "lazy clowns" only appears for two to three months each year in the Southern Brazilian rain forest

Written by : Si Bang Yaan - Describe about you

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