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Reasons Why Eye Always Closed When Sneezing

An assortment of causes sneezing, could be due to allergies, dust intruding, or because of the flu. But, almost certainly, when sneezing all the eyes are always closed, and so impossible to sneeze with your eyes open, much less glaring. Why so, yach?
In medical terms sneeze is 'sternutatory reflex', which is a reflex that makes people sneeze. Sneezing is a positive activity, because it has the function to clean the pharynx (cavity between the nose, mouth, and throat).
Although it looks simple, sneezing is one of the actions that the body is very complicated. Technically sneeze is produced when there is contact with irritants in the nasal mucosa, thereby stimulating the trigeminal nerve. Later, pons and medullai can stimulate the brain, which in turn trigger additional nerve reactions.
During sneezing, as quoted from Theregister.co.uk, will take place tremendous stress on the body, the air pressure is quite important lies in the eye.
The extra pressure will make the eye does not fall off or get out, but it will make your eyes feel uncomfortable. So, someone will reflexively closes his eyes when sneezing as a form of protection.
In addition, the encouragement when someone would sneeze affect various organs, including the stomach, chest, neck, and face.
When sneezing impulses or stimuli will run through a person's face which also causes the eyelids to close or blink. This response is automatic or can not be controlled.
Indeed many myths circulating about sneezing, including:
1. In ancient times many people believe, that the soul is made of the air and inside the head. Hence, sneezing is considered as an activity that would repel one's soul.
2. In medieval times, a myth circulating that said, that hurt a bit alone can lead to death, so people assume, that a sneeze is something scary. And people trying to protect his nose from an illness or death.
3. Now some people believe, that the heart will stop when someone sneezes, it is a myth. Allegedly this myth developed because when sneezing chest expands, the pressure built, and then released by the chest. This pressure change can cause changes in blood flow that cause changes in heart rhythm.
When someone sneezes, the mucus or foreign objects in the mouth and the nose will come out with a speed of 161 km / hour. Therefore, the public should not have to hold back a sneeze, because there are certain dangers that can occur if the sneezing is detained.

Written by : Si Bang Yaan - Describe about you

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