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Perform a number of reasons Korean artists suicide

A Psychology of the University Yonsei-Korea, Hwang Sangmin, trying to analyze the phenomenon of suicide. According to him, Korean people have a concept of Yan, which everyone tried to be silent and stoic even in anger. Especially for the celebrities, imaging through the concept Yan enormous implemented. If it is on the verge of the limit, they tend to despair and finally took drastic option of suicide.

Another factor, relatively closed character of Korean people, so that the artist would feel embarrassed if caught go to counseling or moderate depression. Religious factors are also significant. Nearly half of Koreans do not have a religion, so that when depressed, their appreciation of life so low. Confidence in the concept of reincarnation is also encouraging the Korean people end their lives, with the hope of a new life will be better.

Significant data, a series of artist's suicide began to bloom since the death of actress Lee Eun Joo. Feared, Lee Eun Joo became the inspiration for the juniors to resolve the problem with suicide.

Korea does have the highest suicide rate in the world. According to the Organization of Economic Cooperation and developmemt, as many as 21 people out of 100 thousand people commit suicide Korea. It's already past the normal limits.

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