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Is Fleas Also Have a Heart?

Liver function in our body to store nutrients and nutrients and produce enzymes that help the digestive process. But fleas are heartless. Not only ticks, insect-like animals are heartless. In the class of mammals such as humans, the liver absorbs nutrients and secretes enzymes that aid digestion. While the insects, the function is executed by the Malpighian tubes which includes the function of fat in the body, there is an enzyme in the blood and the digestive tract, or kidneys in mammals.

Malpighian tubes shaped like delicate vessels and intestine lies between the middle and rear. With so is able to jump high because lice have Malpighian tubes? Not if you want to jump 100 times higher than the steeper own body, his body should be light? Actually there is no connection between the heart and the ability to jump high. Secrets fleas jumping ability Malpighian tubes were not for her, but because he has a special protein. This protein is elastic and can stretch reflex has a resilience that is able to transmit 97% of the energy that comes when the range is released. Therefore infestation that is no more than 1-3mm can jump 100 times its own height, which is 10-30cm.

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