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Reason Small Aircraft Tires

Aircraft tires are designed specifically to be able to withstand a heavy load, giving comfort to the passengers, and survived when the plane moves down the runway at speeds high enough.


 Actually, the size of an aircraft tire is almost equal to the size of a car tire. Indeed, this size seems small when compared to the size of the aircraft. Why choose a small tire, because tires with too large size tires are difficult aircraft withstand heavy torque.

 Aircraft tires instead of solid tires. In it there is gas / air with enough pressure, approximately six times greater than passenger car tire pressure. Pressure of this magnitude needed to hold the weight of the aircraft. Spasticity or deflection (height difference before and after the tires fitted) aircraft tires about 2-3 times larger than car tires.

 This high flexibility make passengers more comfortable when the plane was about to land. Aircraft tires are also expected to be able to survive when the plane is moving with a speed of about 340 km / h or about twice the maximum speed of the car. So, do not look at her, but look at its capacity.

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