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Wei Xinpeng, Fishermen Hunters Bodies in Yellow River

Work performed a fisherman in China was perhaps the most bizarre in the world. Xinpeng Wei, the man's name, used to hunt a corpse in the Yellow River.

Wei, as revealed by the BBC pages, often started the day by hanging out having a smoke on the banks of the river. His eyes observe the Yellow River water is murky. He believes that the river must always keep the human body, whether an accident victim, murdered, or committed suicide.

55-year-old man like memorized the river, and he was keen to see where the currents carry the bodies that drowned in the river. Typically, Wei rowing boat close to a small bridge downstream. There, the bodies usually "park" for a while, because the iron bridge stuck in the crack.

In the last seven years, looking for the body is now routine Wei. He sold the findings relative to the bodies concerned. "I give tribute to the dead," he said as quoted by the BBC page.

Wei claimed to have collected 500 bodies from the riverbed. "These people are dead with tragic way," said Wei.

He collects the findings corpse in a small bay that flows untouched. Corpses were piled in a variety of forms there. The BBC reported, in a small bay that there were four bodies whose body was rigid, his head slumped down.

Every time managed to reap the corpse, Wei announced in local newspapers. He calls the body the physical characteristics, so that the concerned relatives can immediately recognize. Usually, relatives of the dead will call Wei, and asked where he was delivered to the store

 Wei took the bodies to the relatives of the cove. He put a bit rate for services in order to turn over the bodies of his face could be seen. If relatives want to bring home the bodies, then they have to pay a ransom of more than U.S. $ 500, or about Rp. 4.4 million.

Wei said that so far he has sold about 40 bodies. But sometimes, the family dead are reluctant to pay, and go home without bringing bodies found in Wei. "One time parents looking for their children. They look for a moment, then left without saying anything. They did not bring it home, "said Wei.

If you have this, Wei was forced to bury his body properly. You see, the government will let the corpse rot without making any findings.

Wei said that what he did is not solely because of money, but for reasons more personal. He also recounts. This work, Wei said, stems from his efforts to find his own son, who drowned in the Yellow River.

"My son drowned in the river and I could not find the body. Very painful. That's why I do this job, "said Wei. Wei son until now has not been found.

Written by : Si Bang Yaan - Describe about you

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