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The Origins of AIDS

"HIV-AIDS virus is not actually derived from the chimpanzee, but creation scientists are then distorted by particular engineered to destroy ethnic origin." (Jerry D. Gray, American Media Sins - Revealing the Hidden Facts Evil Western Media, Horizon Press 2006 p. 192).

Posts Allan Cantwell, Jr.. M.D. This mengungkapakan secret origins of AIDS and HIV, as well as how scientists produce the most frightening diseases then cover it up.

Theory "Green Monkey

1.Tidak few people who have heard the theory that AIDS is a human creation. According to The New York Times, published October 29, 1990, thirty percent of the black population in New York City really believe that AIDS is "ethnic weapons" designed in the laboratory to infect and kill blacks. Some people even consider AIDS conspiracy theories more believable than the African green monkey theory posed by the AIDS experts. Actually, since 1988 the researchers have proved that the green monkey theory is not true. But most AIDS educators continue to convey this theory to the public until now. In media reports in 1999, the green monkey theory has been replaced by the theory of chimpanzees outside Africa. Chimpanzees are said to be the origin of the AIDS disease has been fully accepted by the scientific community.

2. "Tree descent" phylogenetic primate viruses (which only a few people understand) shown to prove that the HIV virus derived from primates living in the African bush. Analysis of viral genetic data indicated through "supercomputer" at Los Alamos, Mexico, showed that HIV had "jumped species', from chimpanzees to humans around 1930 in Africa.

Hepatitis B experiments to Pre-AIDS Gay Men (1978-1981)

Thousands of gay men as a sign of human trials for the experimental hepatitis B vaccine that "the U.S. government-sponsored" in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. After a few years, these cities became the center of gay-related immune deficiency syndrome, which was later known as AIDS. In the early 1970s, hepatitis B vaccine was developed in the body of a chimpanzee. Now the animal is believed to be the origin of HIV evolve. Many people are still afraid received hepatitis B vaccine because the origin is associated with gay men and AIDS. The senior doctors still can remember that the experimental hepatitis B vaccine was initially created from the collection of the blood serum of hepatitis-infected homosexuals.

Most likely HIV "entry" into the body of a gay man during the vaccine trial. At that time, thousands of homosexuals were injected in New York at the beginning of 1978 and in the western coastal towns around the year 1980-1981.

Is the type of virus that contaminated the vaccine program is the cause of AIDS? How the WHO program in Africa? Strong evidence suggests that shortly after developing AIDS vaccine program. AIDS first spread among gay New York City in 1979, a few months after the experiment began in Manhattan. There is a fact that is surprising and statistically highly significant, that 20% of gay men who volunteered hepatitis B experiment in New York was diagnosed HIV positive in 1980 (a year before the disease AIDS became "official"). This shows that Manhattan men had the highest incidence of HIV than anywhere else in the world, including Africa, which is considered the birthplace of HIV and AIDS. Another fact is that the horrendous AIDS cases in Africa that can be proved not appear until 1982. Some researchers believe that the experimental vaccine that function as a channel for "outbreak" of HIV into the gay population in America. But until now scientists downplay any connection between AIDS AIDS vaccine.

Generally known that in Africa, heterosexual AIDS outbreak in people, while in the United States at the outbreak of AIDS only among gay men. Although initially notified to the public that "nobody is immune AIDS", in fact up to now (20 years after the first AIDS cases), 80% of new AIDS cases in the U.S. outbreak in gay men, drug addicts, and their sexual partners. Why is that? Certainly HIV does not discriminate against sexual preference or race. Is this true?

Likeness of Bird FLU

In the mid-1990s, biologists have identified at least 8 subtypes (strains) of HIV that infects various people around the world. It has been proven, strain B is pre dominant strain infecting gays in the U.S.. HIV strains are more likely to infect rectal tissue, which is why the gays who tend to suffer from AIDS than non-gay

In contrast, strains of HIV common in Africa tend to infect the vaginal and cervical cells (cervical), as the male penis foreskin. That's why, in Africa, HIV tends passed on among heterosexuals.

AIDS experts have memeberitahukan bahawa American AIDS came from Africa, whereas HIV strains which are common among gay men almost never seen in Africa! How so? Are the majority of HIV strains engineered to be easily adapted to infect cells that tend to gay sex?

It is known, male scientists SCVP (Special Virus Cancer Program) is able to adapt certain retroviruses that infect specific cell types. No less since 1970, scientists have learned to design biological warfare agents (especially viruses) that can infect certain cells and attacking racial group "certain". At least in 1997, Stephen O'Brien and Michael Dean of the Laboratory of Genomic Diversity at the National Cancer Institute showed that one in ten white people have AIDS-resistant genes, while African blacks do not have that kind of genes at all. Apparently, AIDS increasingly is "man-made virus that attacks a particular race" than natural events.

Thanks to the help of the American media, the virus spreads to millions of people around the world before the certain few people began to be aware of the evil behind the creation of this virus. In 1981, health officials ensure "public" that there was nothing to worry about. "AIDS is a gay disease" is jargon that is often echoed media.

At least in 1987, Robert Gallo told Playboy reporter David Black, "I personally have never found a single case (in America) where men exposed to the virus (AIDS) from a woman through heterosexual intercourse." Gallo said, "AIDS is not going to be hazards that can not be resolved to the general public. "Is this just speculation or Gallo knew something he did not tell me?

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