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10 Advantages of Women than Men

Most women would admire men.
But some research suggests that women apparently have some awesome advantages compared with men. This is summarized Cosmopolitan, and the following result:

1. Women evolved to be more beautiful.

A study showed that women evolved to be more beautiful, while men are so-so only. In a study of more than two thousand people during four decades, concluded that women look good with children 16 percent more than the look mediocre. Furthermore, it turns out the possibility of these beautiful women have a daughter as their first child 36 percent larger than the other.

2. Women more often survived the car crash.

It is sad, but that's a fact. Based on research by Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, United States, 77 percent of men more likely to die in a car accident than women. Supposedly, the men thank the women who nag him to wear a seat belt.

3. Women are more easily felt comfortable.

Based on a survey of two thousand people, it turns out she's much easier to talk about it than men. As many as 53 percent of women talk about the problem on their friends, while men who tell the problem is only 29 percent.

4. Women are more recession-resistant.

According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics, as many as 80 percent of people who lose their jobs, since December 2007, are men. This is likely due to a job is the men who dominated the hardest hit by the global recession. It sucks, but maybe it's time to switch the work of Adam to be a nurse or a teacher.

5. Women more often graduated college.

As we know, more women enrolled in college than men. A statistics reveal that men who graduated and earned a bachelor also apparently less than women. Most of the men turned out to take longer than five years to complete their studies.

6. Women eat more healthily.

Research at around 14 thousand people conducted by the University of Minnesota, U.S., showed that more women than men choose healthy foods. When men prefer eating frozen or fast food such as red meat and pizza, the lady actually put a number of fruits and vegetables in their dishes. It sounds healthy, but she also had to treat addiction to chocolate which is difficult to remove.

7. Stronger immune women.

No wonder that men acting like a baby when they have a cold. In fact, women have an immune system that is stronger than men. When there is fighting in the body, a woman has a secret weapon that the hormone estrogen. Research from McGill University, Canada, showed that estrogen can overcome enzymes that interfere with the body's defense against bacteria
and viruses.

8. Women live longer.

Among the world's population, 85 percent of people over the age of 100 years were women. According to the New England Centenarian study, most women live five to 10 years longer than men.

9. Women can be a better boss.

This may be a bit controversial. Some experts confidently argue that women can be great bosses more than men. This is because a woman is a listener and a better mentor. In addition, women also can solve problems better, and work two to three jobs at once.

In an article in the Daily News, recently, an expert said that the current economy is more service-oriented, so that employees can be more encouragement is needed. Women assessed as liaison better than men, and more astute in giving encouragement to the workers.

10. Women invest better.

Research on 100 thousand investment portfolios showed that women are more conducive to investment than men. The comparison is 18 percent compared to 11 percent. This is probably because women are more careful with their investment decisions and think long term.

Written by : Si Bang Yaan - Describe about you

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