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10 Behavior & Habits of Indonesian People surf

1. One of the three men in Indonesian urban population access the internet in the past month.

2. Internet penetration in the segment of the population aged 15-29 years than in other age segments with a percentage of 64 percent. 20-24 years of age followed by 42 per cent. The next 25-29 years of age by 28 percent, then the age of 30-34 years by 16 percent, ages 40-44 years by 12 percent, and the age of 45-50 years by 5 percent.

3. Internet users not only in big cities, but also spread to smaller towns.

4. Internet cafes (cafe) is most often used to access the Internet, 83 percent of online users use the internet cafe in the past month. Followed by access from mobile phones, PDAs, and other mobile devices by 22 percent, from 19 percent office, 17 percent of schools and 16 percent of the homes.

5. Six out of 10 internet users visit social networking sites (social network) every month.

6. As many as 28 percent of urban communities to access the internet in the past month. 6 percent access the internet every day.

7. Internet usage is high not only dominated Jakarta, but also prevalent in many other cities.

8. The most commonly used Internet activity not to open or transact online news, but to open a web-based email by 59 percent, 58 percent instant messenger, social networking sites open up 58 per cent, 56 per cent of the search engines, 47 percent read online news. After that just for other purposes. To open internet banking only 5 percent. For online transactions? Entered the final sequence, only 3 percent.

9. Yahoo! is a web-based email services most dominant, while Google's dominant search engine.

10. Continues to dominate the social networking site. A total of 58 percent access social networking sites.

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