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5 Myths and Facts About Precious Stones

Precious stones like gems, ruby, or opal it can make the wearer look stunning. Some even believed to bring good luck to the wearer. But, there are also the so-called bad luck.

There are many myths circulating about precious stones. For that to know the facts behind the myths surrounding the precious stones.

1. Myth: Diamonds are the most expensive precious stones

Fact: The member still memperdebatkannya precious stones. Some of them believe that the emerald is the most expensive precious stones. While some consider the most expensive alexandrite stone. In fact, 6.04 carat blue diamond that was auctioned at Sotheby's, Hong Kong, the price reached U.S. $ 7.98 million, or equivalent to Rp 73.9 billion. The diamond is the most expensive diamond in its class.

2. Myth: Opal brings bad luck

Fact: In the early discovered, thousands of years ago opals are considered to bring good luck. The Romans made ​​opal as the combination of a variety of precious stones beauty. Throughout the history of the Roman emperors gave their wives opal stone for good luck. Over time, particularly opal black opal be associated with magic amulets, trigger outbreaks, disaster and misfortune. However, the modern age is no longer considered superstitious semmacam it. Black opal is considered rare and expensive stones.

3. Myth: Diamonds can not be destroyed

Fact: Only a diamond can scratch or damage the diamond. But still, the diamond can be damaged if not stored properly.

4. Myth: pearl dissolved in vinegar

Fact: According to legend, Cleopatra dissolved a pearl of great price in vinegar and drank it to prove to Marc Anthony that she was drinking the most expensive of all time. According to modern science, calcium carbonate in pearls can dissolve in vinegar, but how fast depends on how big is the pearl.

5. Myth: Diamonds are valued based on color

Fact: Although the blue diamonds have higher prices, but the color is not the main determinant of the price of diamonds. It is also a consideration price of a diamond is cut, clarity and carat weight.

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