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5 Unique Mystery of the Human Brain

After thousands of years of study of a wide range of research, started to unravel some of the mystery of human brain. There are some important facts discovered that previously may not have thought of by humans.

The brain is one of the most amazing organ in the human body, because it can control the central nervous system to work normally.

The human brain is very complex and consists of about 100 billion nerve (neuron) and there are so many things going on in the brain with a variety of different areas. Therefore the brain is one of the vital organs in the human life.

As quoted from HowStuffWorks, some other facts about the human brain is not yet widely known, namely:

1. The brain remains active even though the head has been severed
Based on the observations of several stories in mind, that the human brain is still able to remain active for a few seconds after the head cut. However, doctors believe that it is a reflection of muscle twitching.

Dr Harold Hillman, a former director of the Unity Laboratory of Applied Neural Biology at the University of Surrey said that the death occurred, due to the separation of the brain with the spinal cord, but it is painful that many countries that do not impose this method.

2. The brain can learn subliminal messages

The brain can learn the message that comes from a person's subconscious so that will affect the behavior of the person. Many companies use this as a promotional event to influence someone to buy the product.

3. The drugs can cause holes in the brain
One study states, the use of drugs such as marijuana can relieve a bit of memory, whereas for drugs such as cocaine or ecstasy can cause holes in the brain. Actually, the only thing that can cause holes in the brain, is the result of trauma or physical impact.

In addition, a study from New Scientist that the use of drugs can lead to long-term abnormal growth of the brain is permanent, therefore it is difficult to change the behavior of an addict.

4. The human brain is gray
Some parts of the body has its own color to blood, tissue, bone or other liquids. But if the human brain preserved in jars, though still throbbing mostly gray, as it is sometimes called sebaagi whole brain gray matter. However, the brain also contains white matter remains that consists of nerve fibers to connect the gray matter.

While the black component is called the substantia nigra, which is a black neuromelanin, the special pigment with skin and hair color and is the boundary of the part of the basal ganglia.

5. The human brain is the biggest brain
Some animals can use his brain to do things like that done by humans. But, the human brain is actually big size compared with the brain of any animal. The average weight of the adult human brain at 1,361 pounds, the weight of the animal's brain is similar to a dolphin is regarded as an intelligent animal.

However, the weight of the dolphin brain is smaller than the size of his body, so that the human brain remains to be the most substantial. Moreover, intelligence is also associated with various components of the brain, and mammals have the largest cerebral cortex responsible for memory function, communication, and thinking

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