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10 Facts most unique of Science

1. You can hypnotize a chicken

A chicken can be hypnotized, or in the not-trance by holding its head downward, and constantly draw a line under the whole surface with a stick or a finger, starting at its beak and then proceed straight to the front of the chicken.
If the chicken is hypnotized by the way, the chicken TSB will remain silent for 15-30 minutes, constantly seeing the lines.

2. You can air-erection at death

Sebuat erection at the time of death (Angel Lust) is a term for an erection that occurs when a man dies vertically or face down. During life, the pumping of blood by the heart ensures distribution of blood around the blood vessels of the human body. At the time this mechanism has ended, only the force of gravity that affect blood circulation. Blood accumulates at the lowest point of the body and can lead to swelling. Did you know the lowest point of the human body when it dies vertically or face down?

3. Hand you can have her own life

Alien hand syndrome (or Dr.. Strangelove syndrome) is an unusual neurological disorder that causes one of the patient's hand looks to have its own kehidpuan.
This syndrome can be well documented where someone has 2 separate parts of their brains, sometimes to mention extreme epilepsy. This can occur due to brain surgery, stroke, or infection. Hati2, you are targeting your hands!

4. Do not laugh excessively, it can kill you

In the year 300 BC, Greek philosophy Chrysippus died of laughter setalh saw a donkey eating figs.
On 24 March 1975 Alex Mitchell, a cementing bricks of King's Lynn, England, died laughing while watching The Goodies. According to his wife, as a witness, Mitchell could not dismiss his laughter while watching Kungfu kapes episode where Tim Brooke-Taylor-clad Scots, using one set of bagpipes (Scottish musical instrument) to defend itself from a psycho in a demonstration of the Scottish martial art Hoots- Toot-ochaye. After 25 minutes of continuous laughter, Mitchell finally collapsed on the sofa and died from heart failure. His wife then sent a letter to The Goodies to thank for giving her husband a nice last moment.

5. There are weapons that can make a person gay

Gay Bomb is an informal name for a chemical potential of the weapon, which is speculated by the U.S. Air Force are being manufactured in Iraq.
In one of his statements in the document, bombs were mentioned an aphrodisiac (a kind of drug that stimulates sexual gariah) strong can drop into the enemy army, and ideally can lead to homosexual behavior at least one person in the army TSB. Gara2 bombs that they caught Saddam!!

6. True, man can give milk

Phenomenon of breast feeding of a man has become common in today's tahun2 due to medical drug that stimulates the mammary glands in men.
The ability to produce milk man (male Lactation) is usually caused by hormonal treatments given to men suffering from prostate cancer. It can also come up with ways to stimulate breast (male or female) to suck it in months.

7. Tommacco Bart Simpson (half tomato, half tobacco do exist)

Tomacco is a fictional hybrid fruit that contains half a tomato and half tobacco / tobacco, from episode Eiei-(Annoyed Grunt) The Simpsons movie pad 1999; methods used to make tomacco was fiction.

Tomacoo became a reality when the fruit was produced in 2003. Inspired by the movie The Simpsons, Rob Baur of Lake Oswego, Oregon successfully planted the seeds of tomatoes into the roots of tobacco plants, which can be integrated because both plants are from the same family.

8. It's okay to have a third nipple

A supernumerary nipple (commonly known as a third nipple) is an additional nipple that may arise in mammals including humans. Often mistaken for moles / tompel, supernumerary nipple rata2 diagnosed in women by 2%, and the percentage decrease in men. Putting TSB appeared between 2 dairy vertical line that starts from the armpit on each side.

9. You could die in toilet

There are a lot of accidents in the toilet and some deaths that occurred in the history of the toilet and rumors.
During adolescence, a frequent cause of accidents genital / male sex is when the toilet lid fell while urinating.

George II of Great Britain died on the toilet on 25 October 1760 due to the dissolution of the arteries. According to Horace Walpole, King George woke up at six o'clock and drinking chocolate. 7 hours by 15 minutes he went into a small closet. The security guards were waiting outside to hear the sound and ran in oak inside, then found her King was dead on the floor.

10. Taking snot and eating healthy may

Mucophagy (which means eating snot) is a cemetery snot, mucus, or other glands are derived from the nose. Some studies suggest that the incidence may mucophagy natural and even healthy activity, which allow the digestive system thd bacteria accumulate in the mucus, which then helps strengthen the body's defense.

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