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Origins of Valentine's Day

Origins of Valentine's Day - In modern times, Valentine's day is dominated by pink hearts and arrows by Cupid. Though the origin of this celebration is very much different from the symbols of love. Valentine actually was a Catholic monk who was martyred. Valentine was sentenced to death by the emperor Claudius II for opposing legislation prohibiting the Roman youth in a relationship of love and get married because they are sent to war.

When it is, the glory of the Roman Empire was in the face of collapse due to deterioration of its officers and civil uprising. In the border region are still wild, the threats emerging from the nation's Gaul, Huns, Slavs, Mongolia and Turkey. They threatened region of Northern Europe and Asia. It turned out such a vast empire and is expanding through conquest has claimed many victims, both from the people of the colonies and the Romans themselves. Later, they are no longer able to control and manage this vast region.

To maintain his empire, Claudius II unrelenting recruiting Roman men were considered still able to fight as soldiers ready to be dispatched to the battlefield. The emperor saw soldiers who have ties of love and marriage is not a good soldier. Bond of love and inner with family and loved ones will only weaken their fighting power. Therefore, he forbade Roman men love relationship, engaged or married.
Valentine, the young monk saw their suffering trauma that afflicted not to love this. They secretly gathered and gain spiritual cleansing of Valentine. The monks even gave them the sacrament of marriage. This action finally wafted by the Emperor. Valentine was imprisoned. Because he opposed the emperor and refused to recognize the rules of the Roman gods, he was sentenced to death.

In prison, he was best friends with a prison officer named Asterius. The prison guards had a daughter who suffers from blindness since birth. His name is Julia. Valentine tried to cure his blindness. While treating, Valentine taught history and religion. He describes the world of the universe so that Julia can feel the meaning and kebijaksanannya through the lesson.

Julia asked,
"Did God really hear our prayers?"
"Yes my son. He hears every prayer. "
"Do you know what I pray for every morning? I pray that I can see. I want to see the world as you've taught me. "
"God do what is best for us, if we believe in Him," Valentine continued.
"Oh, of course. I really believe in him, "said Julia steady. Then they knelt together and prayed.

Several weeks later, she still has not healed. Until it was time for Valentine's death penalty. Valentine did not get to say goodbye to Julia, but he wrote a greeting with a message to be closer to God. Do not forget to add the words, "With love from your Valentine" (which eventually became a worldwide expression). He died February 14 269. Valentine Praksedes buried in the Church of Rome.
The next day, she received this letter. When opening the letter, he could see the colorful letters and the first time he saw. Julia healed of his blindness.

In 496, Pope Gelasius I declared February 14 as a day of commemoration St. Valentine. Valentine accidental death date coincides with the celebration of Lupercalia, a celebration in honor of the Roman god of fertility Februata Juno. In this celebration, the Romans did the sexual sweepstakes! The trick, they put names into a container, then take a random name opposite sex. Obtained the name became her partner of one year. Then on the next celebration they cast lots again.

Pope apparently did not like the way this celebration. Therefore, little churches modify this celebration. They include the names of the saint in the box. During the year, everyone will imitate the saint was written on the draw he took. To make the event a little funny, the church also enter the name of Simeon Stylites. The person who took the alias name is considered bad luck not lucky, because Simeon spent his life on the pillar, did not move even once.

Valentine's last name immortalized in this annual festival. In this festival, lovers or married Roman expressing feelings of love and love in the messages and handwritten letters. In mainland Europe, the tradition developed by writing the words of love and in the form of cards decorated with hearts and god Cupid to anyone who loves. Or give little attention to the flowers, chocolates and sweets.

In modern times, the habit of writing letters by hand is not considered practical. After all, not everyone can weave romantic words. Then came the valentine cards are considered more practical. The first modern Valentine cards sent by Charles nobleman Orleans to his wife, in 1415. When he was in prison in the Tower of London. This card is still dipameran in the British Museum. In America, Esther Howland was the first to send a valentine card. Valentine cards were first made commercially in the 1800s.

Unfortunately, from day to day, Valentine perayan have lost the true meaning. The spirit of love and sacrifice St. Valentine has been defeated by lust komesialisasi this celebration.

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