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What Happens When A Medium Koma?

Many believe someone in a coma means being in a state of deep sleep, but this is not entirely true. What happens when a person is in a coma?

Coma is unconscious long-term condition that the sufferer can not be aroused, even by the most painful stimulus though.

However, the comma is not a disease. Because it is a symptom of a disease or a response such as severe head injury or a metabolic problem attack.

was in a coma when brain function is at the lowest point so that the person can not respond to surrounding stimuli.

Although sleep and coma both of them are still alive, but those who can not be awakened coma despite the hard way.

As a result, patients will not be aware of and will not respond to voice or any kind of events are happening nearby.

Comatose person can not respond from the eyes, ears, response to pain, and create a movement of awareness because of the brain in the lowest position. As well as the stimulation of language or communication skills do not work.

People who are in a coma can also make a movement, sound and had a spiritual experience. Coma patients sometimes also have reflex activities that mimic the unconscious. So sometimes, coma patients must be controlled so as not fiddled infusion that could be detached.

Coma can be caused by many things, but the most frequent cause is a severe head injury. Another cause is the consumption of alcohol in large quantities, diabetes, morphine consumption, shock or bleeding occurs, an infection in the brain or severe stroke.

Coma generally do not last more than four weeks, but some people who can shift into coma persistent vegetative state. This is a persistent vegetative condition the patient is unconscious but breathing and normal blood pressure, can digest and remove food. Vegetative state can last for years or decades.

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