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Elephants, Never Forget Old Friends

Elephants apparently have human-like behavior. They are very gregarious and groups. In fact, smart Asian elephants create a network of friends. Amazingly, they never forget old friends.

This unique behavior was revealed by a study conducted by Dr.. Wien de Silva of the University of Pennsylvania. "Even though the average gregarious, there is an elephant who chose faithful with a few friends," said Silva was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

According to Silva, despite his elephants can be found separated by long distances. They can call her or find old friends through scent.

"Therefore, although had not been met, when they met their old friends get along anymore," he said.

Silva explained that he did research involving 100 female Asian elephants. The elephants live in Uda Walawe National Park in Sri Lanka.

Silva examine their behavior for 20 months. Asian elephants have smaller bodies than African elephants. Besides the body, they are also smaller ears than the African elephant.

This study reinforces previous research that says elephants live in small groups. Usually elephants are flocking female elephants, while the male chose independent and not join any group.

Written by : Si Bang Yaan - Describe about you

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