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Wow, White Water Worth 1 Million!

Mineral water or what we refer to as white water guns weve already familiar. Already a lot also bottled mineral water products. Well, usually it's bottled mineral water is cheap? But different again with mineral water on this one. "Fillico Beverly Hills" is drinking water from a spring that is produced by a company with the name Vieluce in Osaka, Japan. Source of water that is used is a spring at the foot of Mount Rokko, Kobe, Japan. This spring has been known as the best water to produce sake.

Because the source of this water is very limited, so every month only 5,000 bottles produced and per 750 ml can you buy with Rp 1 million per bottle. Still less? It turns out in every production of drinking water, there are two special bottles dubbed the "King and Queen" with bottle caps similar to the crown of Emperor Fredrick II of the Roman Empire and decorated with Swarovski crystals, available for those willing to remove Rp 2.3 million only for a 750 ml bottle of water.

Written by : Si Bang Yaan - Describe about you

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