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Here's Proof That Parents Often son Lied

In our lives everyday, we believe that the lie will make a man slumped in agony, but the story is just the opposite. With the existence of this lie, the real meaning of this lie it can open our eyes and be free from suffering, like an energy that encourages the blossoming flower of the most beautiful in the world. That Lie parents on their children. What is the evidence that they love to lie on her?

The story began when he was little, call it the Andi, was born a boy in a poor family. Even to eat alone, often lack. When eaten, the Parents often give portion of rice for Andi. While moving the rice into bowls Andi, Parent said: "Eat, son, I'm not hungry". LIES Parents FIRST

When Andy was growing up, Parents persistent often spend his free time to go fishing in the pond near the house, Parents hoped that from the fish bait, he could give a nutritious food for petumbuhan. After fishing, Parents cook fish soup is fresh and appetizing. When Andy was eating the soup, Parents sit beside it and eat the rest meat of fish that are still attached to the bones, a former residual fish bone that Andi eat. Andi look Parents like it, her heart was touched as well, then use a spoon and give it to people Tua'nya. But the Parents quickly rejected it, he said: "Eat up, kid, I do not like to eat fish". LIES Parents SECOND

Now Andi has entered junior high school, in order to pay for school his brother and him, Parents go to cooperatives making matchboxes to bring a box of matches to taped merk'nya, and the results tempelannya it led to a bit of money to cover the necessities of life. As the winter comes, Andi got out of bed, look Parents still rests on little candlelight and with perseverance she continued pekerjaanny attached matchbox. Andi said: "Mother / father, sleep, already evening, tomorrow morning mother / father still have to work." Parents smiled and said: "Hurry up sleeping son, I'm not tired". LIES Parents THE THIRD

When the test comes, Parents requested time off from work in order to accompany Andi went exams. When it was noon, the sun began to shine, Parents brave and persistent waiting for Andi in the sun for a few hours. When the bell rang, signaling the exam is over. Parents immediately welcomed Andi and poured the tea that had been put up in bottles cold for him. Tea is so thick nothing can compare to the love that is much more viscous. Seeing Parents with perspiration, Andi soon gave her glass to her parents asked her to drink. Parents say: "Drink, son, I'm not thirsty!". LIES Parents THE FOURTH

After the departure of his beloved father because of illness, poor mother had to play as a father and mother. By holding on to her former job, she had to fund our needs alone. Family life became more difficult and hard. No day without suffering. Seeing our family's condition is getting worse, there was a nice uncle who lived near the house Andi also helps mothers either a big problem or a small problem. Neighbors in the next house saw family life Andi was so unfortunate, they often advised mothers Andi to get married again. But Parent was stubborn did not heed their advice, the mother said: "I do not need love". LIES Parents THE FIFTH

After Andi and her brother all have graduated from school and work, elderly mother was time to retire. But she did not want to, he was willing to go to the market every morning to sell some vegetables to make ends meet. Brother Andi who work outside the city, often sent some money to help meet the needs of the mother, but the mother insisted would not accept the money. Instead sent the money back. Mother said: "I have enough money". LIES Parents THE SIXTH

After graduating from S1, Andi continued studies to S2 and then obtained a master's degree at a prestigious university in the United States thanks to a scholarship at a company. Finally Andi was working at that company. With a quite high salary, Andi intends to bring his mother to enjoy life in America. But a good mother heart, intends not want to bother her son, she said to Andy "I'm not used". LIES Parents THE SEVENTH

Upon entering old age, maternal disease stomach cancer, had to be hospitalized, Andi who was far across the Atlantic ocean and immediately went home to visit his beloved mother. Andi saw mother lying on her bed after undergoing surgery. Mothers who look so old, staring at Andi with longing. Although the smile that spread across his face seemed a bit stiff due to illness withheld. Seen clearly how the disease menjamahi mother's body Andi so she looks frail and emaciated. Andi as she looked at her mother in tears. His heart was sore, aching to see her in this condition. But mothers with tegarnya said: "Do not cry my child, I'm not in pain". LIES Parents THE EIGHTH.

After saying her eighth lie, mom Andi beloved closes his eyes for the last time.

Written by : Si Bang Yaan - Describe about you

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