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Unique Facts About Laughter

1. The children laugh more than adults. Children laugh 400 times a day while adults only about 15 times.

2. Jokes help children get to know a variety of things such as cause-effect relationships, new vocabulary, social ethics, and others.

3. Children who have a good sense of humor has a good adaptability with peers.

4. 126% women laugh more than men

5. Men more easily be laughable than women (more boys become the object of derision at school than girls).

6. Contagious Laughter: We are more than happy to laugh when other people laugh. Time alone watching sitcoms on TV, we also laughed when the television audience laugh. This caused laughter is a universal language, emotional expression that is difficult to counterfeit or covered up.

7. Laughter activates different parts of the brain. Parts of the brain that reacts to a joke is pefrontal ventral medial cortex, which is part contributed to the development of cognitive, personality and emotion.

8. The greater the number of members in a group situation, the easier it is to be made to laugh. Hence the joke is the most effective ice breaker.

9. Laughed the same as exercising. When you laugh, your facial muscles will stretch, increase your pulse rate as moderate exercise and also improve the distribution of oxygen throughout the body.

10. Laughter is good for mental health. Laughter can release endorphins that will make you feel good. Endorphins give you a sense of peace and reduce anxiety.

Having understood the facts and benefits, then laugh!

Written by : Si Bang Yaan - Describe about you

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